Not only pharmaceutical companies but also companies in food, electronics and automotive have started to serialize their products: they give a unique identity to each of their individual products sold in the market. It enables them to comply with legislation requirements, it provides protection for the brand and it gives valuable insights of the use of the product.

That sounds promising but reality shows that the impact of a serialization project is easily under-estimated: it touches the production lines, the manufacturing operations, the supply chain, the IT systems and more.

In this course,  managers in IT or manufacturing and project teams are offered an insight in the domain of serialization, its opportunities and its impact. Joining the training helps to get started or to bring more speed in the initiatives already in progress.

Classroom and Online
Classroom: The program is taught in a classroom environment on a single day.
Online: Instructor lead online version of the same program, delivered in 2 four-hour sessions on 2 consecutive working days.

The workshop comprises several assignments. All participants who complete all assignments will receive the MOMi Education Certificate for this program.