Change is a constant in life and it certainly is in manufacturing. Organizations need to get ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution and the associated new enabled capabilities, business processes, automation & integration strategies, and business models. Knowledge and understanding of how to leverage the new ‘smart’ approaches and technologies are critical to manufacturers.

Control the Business Change Cycle
Through this best practice approach, MOMi delivers the expertise, best practices and solutions to support the complete business change cycle — from the initial exploration of the improvement potential, the sound benefits case supporting the investment decision, creating the blueprint for the future including processes, organization & governance, people skillsets and the enabling technologies, to the deployment of the solutions to delivering sustainable improvements.
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Business Consultancy Services
MOMi’s vision is to support manufacturers embarking on manufacturing excellence programs, MES/MOM deployment and the transition to the 4th Industrial Revolution. All manufacturers are transforming raw materials into valuable finished goods. However, they all have specific unique elements  and are facing different specific challenges. Therefore, we have prepared a set of business consultancy services as a starting point. They are based on our “Control the Business Change Cycle” and are addressing parts of that cycle or focus on specific topics. They all can be tuned (and combined) to your specific situation and needs.
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The Team
MOMi’s business consultants team have extensive experience in supporting manufacturers around the globe thriving for operational excellence, MES/MOM implementations and the application of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing technologies. They provide best-practice services supporting customers to increase their manufacturing maturity step-by-step continuously improving their performance. MOMi’s consultants work from a pragmatic basis to deliver effective, deployable strategies.
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