The 124 pages report “MOM Solution Guide 2020 – LIMS/ELN” is written by the MOMi business consultant team and based on their experience and the information from six participating LIMS/ELN vendors.
Thank you, Gloria Metrick for writing the Preface to the Guide!

My first reaction to these types of efforts to create selection criteria for software is that of skepticism. There are so many brands and products out there and so many criteria to discuss, that it sounds like an overwhelming task. However, there are several aspects to this effort that give me some confidence in it. First of all, and probably most important, is that I happen to have known one of the authors of this Solutions Guide LIMS/ELN for quite a number of years and have come to value his opinion in these types of situations. The other factor to my increased confidence level is that this effort is specific to manufacturing environments, and I believe that taking such a focus is a step toward creating something useful. Yet one more reason I feel less skeptical is that the authors have created such a guide as this for MES for a long period of time, previously. That guide had been well-received. It had been done in a way to actually speed-up the selection process. Where customers think that it has helped them create their RFP to get to the demonstration phase, that is one positive effect it has had.

Putting all that aside, I have read through this questionnaire and have been given an overview of it with the opportunity to ask more questions and hear more of the rationale and methodology. One key element is that the authors have asked for verification on many points. In addition, they will cross-check that verification does actually do what it is supposed to do. In the past, while they have not just modified a vendor’s response, they have contacted vendors whose responses appear problematic. The answer is then either updated or is not published. Thus, mistakes and inconsistencies have been minimized. Overall, with the wide variety of relevant topics covered within this Solutions Guide LIMS/ELN, the user will find a lot of useful information inside this report. I am confident that I will learn something, as well.

Gloria Metrick, GeoMetrick Enterprises
LIMS/LES/ELN and IT Leader

  • Objectives
  • Participants
  • Business Change Cycle (MOMi)
  • Important aspects when selecting LIMS/ELN solutions
  • Reading Guide
  • Disclaimer
  1. Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)
    • Definitions
    • LIMS
    • LES
  2. Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN)
  3. Other MOM Solutions
    • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
    • Computerized Maintenance Management Solutions
    • Inventory Management Solutions
    • Detailed Scheduling Solutions
    • Manufacturing Master Data Management Solutions
  4. Solution Integration
    • LIMS/ELN and other applications
    • LIMS/ELN and ERP / Data Lake
    • LIMS/ELN and MES
    • LIMS/ELN and PDM/PLM
    • LIMS and CAPA and QMS
    • LIMS/ELN and Equipment software and CDS
    • LIMS/ELN and Training Records
    • Integrated Solution
  1. Business Challenges
  2. Manufacturing Operations Maturity
  3. Performance Matters
  4. Cybersecurity in Todays Manufacturing
  5. Regulations and Laws
  6. Multi-site LIMS Deployment
  7. Business Case or Justification for MOM Solutions
  1. Trends and Observations
  2. Core Concepts of Smart Manufacturing
    • Cyber Physical Systems
    • Digital Thread and Digital Twin
    • (Industrial) Internet of Things
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Artificial Intelligence
  3. Quality and IT/OT Convergence
  4. Smart Manufacturing Roadmap
    • Readiness
    • How to get started?
    • Internet of Laboratory Things (IoLT)
    • Robotics
  1. Enterprise – Control Systems Integration: ISA95
    • Functional Data Flow Model
    • Manufacturing Operations Management
    • Other Elements in the ISA95 Standard
    • Messaging/Alias Service Models and Information Exchange Profiles
    • Expected/Proven Benefits
    • ISA95 in the MOM Solution Guide Questionnaire
  2. ISA/IEC 62443 – Cybersecurity
  3. B2MML Standard
  4. Standardization in Laboratory Automation (SiLA)
  5. Regulatory Compliance and Validation
  1. Summary
  2. Scope of the Questionnaire
  3. Laboratory Typologies
  4. Industry Sectors
  5. ISA95 Compliance
  6. Functionality
  7. Configurability
  8. Quality Assurance Systems of the Vendors
  9. Validation and Regulatory Compliance
  10. Quality Assurance – Other Laws and Regulations
  11. License Fee Formats
  12. Deployment and Multi-Site Roll-Out
    • Deployment Methodologies
    • Deployment Tools
    • Multi-Site Roll-Out
  13. Helpdesk and Support
  14. Languages
  15. Operating Systems
  16. Databases
  17. Technology
  18. Architectural Aspects
  19. Interfaces
    • Standards for Interfacing
    • Middleware and Enterprise and Manufacturing Service Buses
  20. Incident Management
  • Table 1 – Laboratory Typologies
  • Table 2 – Industry Sector Focus
  • Table 3 – Configurability
  • Table 4 – Vendor Quality Assurance Systems
  • Table 5 – Other Laws and Regulations
  • Table 6 – Validation and Regulatory Compliance
  • Table 7 – Multi-site Deployment
  • Table 8 – Helpdesk and 24/7 Support
  • Table 9 – Languages
  • Table 10 – Server Platforms
  • Table 11 – Client Platforms
  • Table 12 – Databases
  • Table 13 – Applied Technologies
  • Table 14 – Architecture
  • Table 15 – Incident Management
  • Table 16 – Average Support per ISA95 Activity Model Category
  1. Introduction
  2. Quality Test Operations Management
  3. Other Activities
  4. Quality Test Management – Vendor Remarks
  5. Other Activities – Vendor Remarks
No. LIMS/ELN Solution Vendor
1 Alis Quality Intelligence Alis Quality Intelligence
2 Effichem LIMS 5.0 Effichem, s.r.o.
3 iLES iVention B.V.
4 NOVA-LIMS Novatek International
5 Opcenter RD&L Siemens Digital Industries Software
6 Qualis LIMS / Logilab Agaram Technologies Private Ltd.

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