Change is a constant in life and it certainly is in manufacturing. Organizations need to get ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution and the associated new enabled capabilities, business processes, automation & integration strategies, and business models. Knowledge and understanding of how to leverage the new ‘smart’ approaches and technologies are critical to manufacturers.

Your people are making the difference!

Good training and development programs help to retain the right people and grow your profit. As the battle for top talent becomes more competitive, employee training and development programs are more important than ever. Hiring top talent takes time and money, and how you engage and develop that talent from the time they are first onboarded impacts retention and business growth.
Companies that learn fastest and adapt well to changing environments perform the best over time.

MOMi provides independent education programs to manufacturers, preparing their people to leverage new smart technologies through the power of knowledge.
Any of our training courses can be delivered as an ‘off-the-shelf product’ at your own location, or we can customize a program for you using our courses as a starting point. Alternatively, we can start (almost) from scratch and work with you to design a completely tailored training program. All MOMi education programs will help you to solve your business challenges, fill skills gaps and deliver return on investment.

Don’t let geography stand in the way of your training. MOMi is able to offer training across multiple locations. Contact us to find out if this is right for you.

A Comprehensive Set of Programs

Strategy & Awareness

In this workshop practical, deployable smart manufacturing strategies are discussed and the vision of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 examined. Based on considered Smart Strategies to start implementing the vision, the participants walk away with a plan of action to deliver that most valuable of commodities. [read more]

The MES/MOM for Executives provides an independent view of MES/MOM and the benefits and pitfalls for manufacturers. [read more]

This workshop provides practical approaches to identify the key business elements and risks and to justify MES/MOM projects. The participants gain experience in quantifying the potential benefits from exercises based on real cases. [read more]

Metrics & Performance

  • This interactive workshop provides insight in how to define an appropriate metrics framework to monitor key aspects of manufacturing performance to drive improved real-time decision making. This include strategic, tactical and operational aspects of manufacturing operations. The participants are trained in defining/selecting the relevant metrics in real cases and construct the metrics structure via a top-down and bottom-up approach. The Metrics Maturity Model is introduced as a guide for performance assessment. [read more]
    • Introduction of Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen and Six Sigma
    • Variability Reduction and Standardization
    • Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing
    • DMAIC process

Standards & Methodologies

These courses define approaches to integrating manufacturing systems with enterprise business systems, other manufacturing systems and automation & control systems. The information that must be shared between the various systems are described in detail. Models are presented to standardize manufacturing processes and activities.
Currently courses include the following standards ISA-95 (Enterprise – Control System Integration) and ISA-88 (Batch Control). ISA-101 and ISA-106 to come soon. [read more]

This course is based on the ISA-62443 (ISA-99) standard: Security for industrial automation and control systems. An approach is presented to implement security effectively and efficiently in manufacturing and automation & control systems. Program and processes of a cyber security management system to sustain security are discussed and trained through exercises. [read more]

The Global Education Program of MESA International is the industry’s only independent, professional education program supported by the global MESA community.
The programs instruct manufacturers, producers and solution providers on how to marry the power of modern Information Technologies (IT) and the process / project rigor to implement them with your operational expertise to unlock the potential within your operations.
The program explores subjects such as:

  • Strategic Initiatives and how manufacturing operations standards help to realise them successfully;
  • The metric framework for Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI);
  • Justifying MES/MOM systems to business leaders, business case justification and Return on Investment (ROI);

This is a great first step in getting prepared for the new upcoming technological opportunities. [read more]

Maturity & Alignment

This one-day workshop introduces the concept of the manufacturing maturity model to align the operational processes, the organization, the people’s skill sets and the enabling and supporting technologies (IT). The ISA-95 Activity Model is used as a tool to determine the level of an organisation’s capability to have mature, robust and repeatable manufacturing operations. [read more]

Alignment of Business and IT is a prerequisite for improving manufacturing maturity. In this workshop the participants learn to assess and to create a step-by-step approach to enhance this alignment. Aspects included are business strategy, IT strategy, organizational and infrastructural processes and IT infrastructure. [read more]

Successful execution of a manufacturing transformation strategy to increase their manufacturing maturity requires re-organization and alignment of corporate IT and manufacturing engineering priorities. After introduction of the Manufacturing Maturity Model, the program focuses at organization and governance. This should be aligned with the other three components of the maturity model: processes, people skillsets and the enabling technologies.
The participants learn how to setup a MOM Centre of Excellence team that can bridge the gaps between the corporate enterprise and the local plants. Also to connect manufacturing and IT in order to increase the manufacturing maturity and therefore the company’s performance.