In the spring 2024 edition of the MOMi Newsletter,  Gerard Ipskamp, highlighted the benefits of investing in education for your team. Skill development, project consistency, improvements to project efficiency and most importantly empowering your people are all essential for successful digital transformation.

Private in-house team education (Online or classroom), can offer additional benefits compared to more general or public education sessions.

Customized delivery: Private education programs can be delivered in a variety of formats, including workshops and seminars, and can be delivered in a classroom and online, depending on the preferences, and learning styles of the team. This customization ensures that the training delivery method aligns with the team’s needs and requirements. The education can have a tailored content and flexible scheduling.

Focused attention and increased engagement: With in-house education, participants receive dedicated attention from the instructor or coach, leading to a more focused learning experience. Private education sessions can be more engaging and interactive compared to larger, public workshops. With a smaller group size, participants are more likely to actively participate in discussions, ask questions, and engage in hands-on activities, leading to a deeper understanding of the material.

Enhanced team dynamics: In-house education, promotes collaboration among team members as they work together to improve their skills. By training as a group, the result is that they will become more a team.

Confidentiality: Private team education offers a safe and confidential environment where team members can freely discuss challenges, share experiences, and ask questions without concerns about confidentiality. This can encourage open communication and create a safe space for learning and development.

All these advantages can contribute to improved performance, productivity, and morale within the team, making private training a valuable investment for organizations looking to develop their workforce.

Take advantage of volume pricing discounts and in-house programs to better fulfil your organization’s needs. In House programs are for a minimum of 5  to a  maximum of 15 attendees.

MOMi’s full education offerings can be provided as In-house training.  To find out more check out the education schedule or contact us