MOM Solution Guide 2021 – LIMS/ELN

The MOM Solution Guide 2021 – LIMS/ELN has been published February 4, 2021. 

MOMi’s business consultant team have tracked the latest trends in Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), particularly looking at Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELN).

As part of our MOM Solution Guide, six LIMS/ELN suppliers from around the world have shared the details of services, technologies, quality and focuses of their LIMS/ELN solutions. The Solution Guide aims to provide our clients and business partners with clear solution overviews and insights into market developments.

Buyers of LIMS/ELN can be more selective and more focused in their effort to find a quality solution. They have a greater chance of implementing the technology platforms of their choice. The usual first challenge is to find an effective way to sort through the long list of potential solutions. This report “MOM Solution Guide: LIMS/ELN” will help to accelerate this step.

This chapter of the Guide provides extensive information, primarily to manufacturers, to help them with their selection of an appropriate LIMS/ELN solution to improve their performance, now and into the future.

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