MOM Solution Guide

Manufacturing companies have always been and still are facing tremendous pressure to perform. Especially now, in a period with COVID-19, manufacturers need to use all of their resources – equipment, materials, and people –to the max for achieving efficiency and effectiveness, while being compliant with applicable regulations. Right now, agility has become even more important than it already was in the past years.

Nowadays, manufacturing business managers perceive Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solutions as a contributor to achieving their strategic goals. It has become clear that not only the (information) technology creates their success. Technology should be part of a balanced approach together with standardized manufacturing operations processes, adequate organization, and governance – with clear roles and responsibilities – and well-skilled people. By continuously improving, the manufacturing performance will grow towards the excellence level.

In 2020, MOMi started the initiative to create the MOM Solution Guide to provide extensive information to manufacturers to help them with their selection of an appropriate solution to improve their performance, now and in the future. Because there are many types of MOM solutions, the guide will be published in specific chapters. Till now, MOMi published:

  • MOM Solution Guide: LIMS, focusing on quality operations in manufacturing laboratories (February 4, 2021)

In the future, we intend to add more parts for production operations (MES), maintenance operations (CMMS), inventory operations (WMS), planning and detailed scheduling (APS), and manufacturing master data (PDM/PLM). New versions of existing parts of the guide will be published annually.

Here, you can find more information
about the MOM Solution Guide – LIMS/ELN.