During the 3rd Industrial Revolution digital automation systems such as programmable logic controllers, distributed control systems, supervisory control and data acquisition and robots were implemented. The 4th Industrial Revolution of Cyber Physical Systems and Self-Organising Factories requires virtual manufacturing before any physical product is produced.

MOMi’s educational and consultancy services focus on the steps and skills required to meet the needs of the current industrial revolution and the transition to the 4th Industrial Revolution. The level of complexity in software, integration and operations management will increase by a factor of 2 or more. Knowledge and understanding of the changes required to meet the challenge of the 4th Industrial Revolution are considered by experts to be critical to manufacturers.

The internet of things with machine to machine communication and the individualization of mass production will change how everything is made. MOMi, delivering the 4th Industrial Revolution through the power of knowledge.

MOMi’s vision is to provide this knowledge and understanding. Currently, MOMi is the largest Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) Authorized Training Provider delivering its Global Education Program globally. MOMi’s expert instructors are authorized by MESA. They have extensive experience in manufacturing and education. MOMi’s consultants have been supporting manufacturers for many years with embarking on manufacturing excellence programs, MES/MOM implementations and the transition to the 4th Industrial Revolution.