Manufacturers are always trying to understand their current performance in order to improve. Often, nearly everything is measured, just because it is possible. However, manufacturing activities and processes are that complex, that evaluating isolated metrics can be misleading and result in local optimizations and counterproductive decisions.
It is not about minimizing one metric and maximizing another. It is a complex balancing act, influenced by many different factors in manufacturing operations. A well-designed metrics framework, reflecting those influences, is required to understand the actual performance and use that as a basis for further improvement.

This interactive workshop provides insight in how to define an appropriate metrics framework to monitor key aspects of manufacturing performance to drive improved real-time decision making. This includes strategic, tactical and operational aspects of manufacturing operations. The participants will define/select relevant metrics in real cases and construct a metrics structure via a top-down and bottom-up approach. The Metrics Maturity Model is introduced as a guide for performance assessment. This workshop is based on MESA White Papers and best practices from many manufacturers.

Classroom and Online
Classroom: The program is taught in a classroom environment on a single day.
Online: Instructor lead online version of the same program, delivered in 2 four-hour sessions on 2 consecutive working days.

The workshop comprises interactive activities, e.g. plenary discussions, and several assignments. All participants who complete all assignments will receive the MOMi Education Certificate for this program.