Business and IT-Alignment is a process in which information technology (IT) is used effectively to achieve business objectives, which include financial performance or marketplace competitiveness.

Business IT Alignment is about collaboration
Lack of mutual understanding between business and IT professionals and the failure to produce results, often lead to mutual blaming in problematic situations and they lead to mistrust. Therefore it is good to control or, even better, avoid such conflicts. By searching for the right Business IT Alignment, mutual trust between the two groups will be established as well as a basis for collaborative decision making and execution.

By using a maturity model, the Alignment between Business and IT can be assessed and enhanced. The maturity model used for the alignment in this workshop has 6 dimensions: Communications, Value (Metrics), Governance, Partnership, Architecture, and Skills.

The model has 5 levels:

  1. Initial/Ad Hoc Process
  2. Committed Process Governance
  3. Established Focused Process
  4. Improved/Managed Process
  5. Optimized Process

In this one-day workshop the participant will learn about the theoretical background and get some hands-on experience from practical exercises to be able to assess and enhance the Business IT Alignment in a manufacturing organization.

  • Introduction
  • Generic introduction maturity models
  • The Business IT Alignment model
  • Six dimensions in detail with discussions and exercises
  • Define next steps to enhance Business IT Alignment (maturity)
  • Conclusions