MES – One Size Does Not Fit All

How to select an MES fit for your business needs: the MOM Solution Guide 2020 – MES.

Webinar – 8 December 2020

MES is the fundamental technology to building your digital transformation journey.  Selecting the right MES for your business needs can be a challenge!

MOMi’s business consultant team have tracked the latest trends in Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), particularly looking at Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

As part of our MOM Solution Guide, 43 MES suppliers from around the world have shared the details of services, technologies, quality and focuses of their MES solutions. The Solution Guide aims to provide our clients and business partners with clear solution overviews and insights into market developments.

Webinar Date – 8 December 2020 | Duration – 30 mins.

Available in two sessions (with same content).

Morning Session – 09:00 CET

Evening Session – 17:00 CET