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MOMi Releases Comprehensive Guide to MOM/MES Solutions

December 2020, Haarlem, NL

The Manufacturing Operations Management Institute is proud to announce the release of MOM Solution Guide MES. The MOM Solution Guide MES delivers an independent and thorough assessment of the current Manufacturing Execution System market.

A Structured Approach to the MES Selection Process

Today, MOMi announced the release of the first chapter of their guide to Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solutions. This chapter delivers an independent and thorough assessment of the current Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) market, providing a strategic outlook on technology trends, key players, business drivers and more.
The guide enables manufacturers to identify the MES solution that best fits their specific business requirements, highlights solutions that support global or multi-plant rollouts and identifies trends and regulatory frameworks in the global MES market.
As a research guide, it houses insights from 43 MES vendors benchmarked over 70 indices spread over 450 pages. This is by far the most comprehensive analysis of the MOM/MES market to date.

A Growing Need

The guide has become more critical in 2020 as the need for digital transformation has been reemphasized. Companies are either scaling up production (e.g. pharma, medical devices, food and beverage), scaling down (e.g. aerospace, automotive) or changing their product portfolios (e.g. Dior, Louis Vuitton perfumes making medical sanitizers; JCB and Caterpillar making ventilators).
These changes require agile operations and a resilient supply chain and MES is the cornerstone for that, allowing manufacturers to manage market fluctuations and prepare for the unexpected, even a global pandemic.

A Thorough Assessment

The MOM Solution Guide 2020: MES offers a realistic assessment of MES vendors’ capabilities to deliver IT/OT convergence, Industrial IoT, Digital Threads, Cyber-Physical Systems, Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 in general.
The report also focuses on vendors’ capabilities to deliver solutions that are compliant to ISA-95, ISA-88, ISA-62443 and IS0-5001.
Not only does the guide provide quantitative insights into vendor capabilities across 70 indices, but also a qualitative assessment through the lens of MOMi consultants who have a combined experience of more than 100 years in the MES/MOM field.
With so many MES providers on the market, it is essential that manufacturers narrow-down on the right set of vendors to drive their digitalization program. The MOM Solution Guide 2020: MES provides a structured approach to the MES selection process, saving time and money.

A Proven Track Record

Mike James, Chair of Board of Directors at ATS Global, said “The Manufacturing Operations Management Institute has a proven track record in helping manufacturers of every type build strong and sustainable IT/OT systems. The new guide is another step-in sharing knowledge globally. Using it wisely, in combination with the expertise at MOMi, will make projects fly now and in the long term”.

Julie FraserVP of Research, Manufacturing and Operations at Tech-Clarity, wrote in her preface to the Guide: “Beyond looking at the individual vendors’ responses, MOMi has also provided important background information. We often find that software selection teams are not aware of all of the factors or the newest approaches and standards. This will give them the full picture.” and “Using this guide as intended will give projects a much greater chance of success.”

“I couldn’t have said it better. That is exactly that what we had in mind with this first chapter of the MOM Solution Guide: to help manufacturers to become more successful”, said MOMi’s president Jan Snoeij. “I am looking forward to the publication of the other chapters of the Guide about LIMS (February 2021), PDM/PLM, focusing on manufacturing master data management and other solutions in the MOM domain”.

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