Smart Manufacturing is not just about technology. It is not something you can buy of the shelf. Smart Manufacturing is primarily about empowering people in manufacturing. There are many things that make Smart Manufacturing attractive, like new business models, supply chain and partner collaboration, self-correcting manufacturing, real-time response and flexible (agile) production with standardized processes. In this course, we discuss many of the core concepts.
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is (being) built on a solid foundation of the Third. Therefore, a mature MES/MOM serves as the backbone for Smart. A structured assessment of the current manufacturing capabilities is the input for a plan to improve and leverage the new and advanced technologies and methodologies of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

In this module, we discuss the Singapore Smart Industry Readiness Index and how this tool can help you find out how ready your are.

  • Describe Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0
  • Discuss the core concepts of Smart Manufacturing
  • Describe the standards for Smart Manufacturing like RAMI, OPC and MQTT
  • Explain why MES/MOM is the backbone of Smart
  • Describe the use and structure of the Singapore Smart Manufacturing Readiness Index