The last module within this MES/MOM Methodologies program is Deployment of MOM solutions. This is where it all comes together. Projects need a framework or methodology. Next to the traditional project management methodologies PRINCE2 and PMBOK, there are other options like Waterfall, Agile/Iterative, Scrum, Kanban, Critical Path Method, Critical Chain Project Management and LEAN. In this context, GAMP 5 provides valuable input as well. You need more than a new MOM product; you need skilled implementers, too. Key is combining the best of both worlds by collaboration with suppliers and/or system integrators.
Multi-site roll-outs have additional challenges, but offer opportunities with respect to template development, standardization, deployment scenarios and solution lifecycle.

Introducing new manufacturing software requires users to adopt a new way of working. This is intentional, if you want to improve your performance as a manufacturer. You need user acceptance to deliver the targeted benefits.

  • Explain different project methodologies and frameworks
  • Describe the differences between a single site and multi-site roll-out
  • Explain the skills needed for the roll-out
  • Discuss the importance of user acceptance