When selecting any new software application, it is critical to remember why the project was originally conceived – to help end users overcome an issue or improve performance. While this concept is obvious, it is often forgotten months into a vendor selection process, a scope of work discussion, or a lengthy purchase negotiation.

Join Jan Snoeij, President and Sr. Business Consultant at the MOM Institute, for his fourth educational webinar presentation sponsored by iBASEt. In this presentation he will provide insights into just how critical it is to keep a strong focus on user acceptance when defining a Manufacturing Execution (MES), Quality, or Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) System.

On February 3rd, Jan will provide practical steps that can be taken to avoid one of the top reasons why MES implementations fail: a lack of necessary end user adoption.

The series of webinars is organized by iBASEt, a solution provider focusing at Aerospace & Defense, Electronics, Industrial Equipment, Nuclear and Shipbuilding industry sectors.

You can register here for this webinar.