The fourth industrial revolution has shown the importance of accessing the right data for continuous improvement of our manufacturing performance. However, here there is more to it than just technology. IT is not a goal in itself.

When selecting any new software application, it is critical to remember why the project was originally conceived to help end user overcome an issue or improve performance. While this concept is obvious, it is often forgotten months into a vendor selection process, a scope of work discussion, or a lengthy purchase negotiation .

In this webinar, MOMi president Jan Snoeij will provide insights into just how critical it is to keep a strong focus on user acceptance when defining a Manufacturing Execution (MES), Quality or Maintenance System. He will share practical steps that can be taken to avoid one of the top reasons why MES implementations fail: a lack of necessary user adoption.

Webinar Date – Wednesday, 14th July 2021 | Duration 30 mins 

Available in two sessions (with same content)

Morning Session – 09:00 CET

Evening Session – 17:00 CET