In the first quarter of this year, MOMi delivered more in-house education programs then ever before. The Certificate of Competency (CoC) programs of MESA’s “MES/MOM Methodologies” and “B2MML and Integration Fundamentals” are most popular with sessions for customers in Denmark, USA and The Netherlands. More of these sessions are already planned for the next quarter in Ireland, Germany and again The Netherlands.

Another very popular subject for in-house programs is the ISA-95 standard. The content is often tuned to the specific situation of the participants’ company. 

Of course, these and other education programs are scheduled regularly as ‘open’ programs for which everyone can register. They are listed in our Event Schedule.

One of the biggest advantages of in-house programs is that we can tailor them to your specific situation.

Participants of the Panasonic NA in-house MESA
MES/MOM Methodologies CoC Program.