Martin Kelman

Business Consultant

Martin has worked in the MOM industry for the last 25 years, deploying solutions in both process and discrete industries. For the last 10 years he has been working in the aerospace and defense industry solving manufacturing system challenges. Today, Martin’s has a privileged position where he is working with senior managers from blue chip companies, helping them understand how to change their businesses by utilising manufacturing maturity models to define their future Smart Manufacturing strategies.

Whilst performing his day job Martin gained an Open University hons degree, and now is an active member of the Institute of Technology and Engineering (IET). At the beginning of 2017 Martin was voted onto the international board of directors for MESA. Martin is also a member of the Digital4Industry leadership group advising the UK Government on the future of digital manufacturing. This group comprises of a number of universities, catapult centers, end users, trade associations and technology partners.

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