The discover your potential workshop is a short inventory and brainstorming workshop that includes the key people in your organization. In four activities surrounded by introductions and discussions, we try to find out what you think would be smart for you, where your business drivers and major benefits are and why you want to keep or change/innovate in certain areas.

The result is a prioritized list of opportunities that could be related to:

  • Processes
  • Organization & Governance
  • People (skills)
  • IT and automation

During this workshop experienced MOMi consultants will challenge you and ask all the obvious questions, normally not asked. Helping you to think outside of the box! The workshop can be customized to your situation to include for example smart manufacturing.


The approach is to guide you, in a short time, through four activities that will result in the prioritized opportunity list. All four activities have a common structure:

  • Introduction by MOMi
  • Activity
  • Discussion during and after the activity

The workshop is executed with representatives of all relevant domains in the workshop.


In the workshop a situation is created where:

  • Free open brainstorming is encouraged
  • An external view is introduced
  • Inter-discipline interaction and information sharing is promoted

Dreaming is allowed and required!

Get out of the firefighting mode! 

With the result of the workshop you have an excellent starting point for your vision and/or investment discussions.
The result will be Excel and PowerPoint documents with actionable information and overviews.
No thick reports will be written that nobody reads. As a result of that, this workshop will have a high added value for your organization.


MOMi consultants have used this workshop and the activities included for many years in all kind of business consultancy activities.

Most mentioned in the positive feedback are:

  • Experience of the consultants
  • View and challenge from outside
  • Introduction of standards
  • Inter-disciplinary character