“The CoC course is for those shaping the direction of manufacturing information systems. Overall, this was a good use of 4 days of my life (my basic benchmark for training). Our instructor was knowledgeable and presented the material well. I think the course title should be changed to something like “MES/MOM Transformation Leadership” – it would be more descriptive of what’s actually taught.”

Patrick Weber, Sr. Systems Consultant MBA, PMP, Energizer, USA

“Thank you for very educative training! Especially manufacturing maturity analysis, metrics framework and ROI business cases were very useful to me, and these are among the first things that I need to incorporate into my own way of working.”

Ville Ossi (‘MESA CoC’, Haarlem (NL) – November 2018)

“I can honestly say that you have expanded my horizons considerably!”

Nikola Risteski, Johnson Matthey (‘MESA CoC’, Royston (UK) – February 2018)

“It was a very informative course. Within a month after the session in Vantaa (Finland), it already provided to be valuable in customer cases.”

Tomi Kankainen, CDO Fastems (‘MESA CoA’, Vantaa (FIN) – April 2018)

“Overall, I thought the course was great. From my perspective, I learned a lot about MES, particularly from an industry perspective, and the class discussion also helped me to learn about MES in other companies. The instructors were very knowledgeable in their field. They presented their subject material very well and facilitated good discussions when questions were asked.”

-Darcy Leigh, Dow Solar Solutions, Chicago, USA

“This is the most comprehensive set of courses I have ever followed, providing a full and broad understanding of Manufacturing Execution Systems / Manufacturing Operations Management. I will be recommending to our executives that they follow this program and rely on MESA International as an important source of expertise in this context.”

-Jonathon Hill, MES Capabilities Leader with a major Aerospace OEM, United Kingdom

“Many thanks for the MESA GEP training. It was well structured and useful for development of local MES team and to grow MES business in the region. And Jan is a great lecturer! He was diving into details as required illustrating answers from his personal experience. I will definitely recommend this training to colleagues and customers.”

- Roman Vladov, CIS Regional Business Leader, Honeywell Connected Plant ('MESA CoC' Moscow (RUS), November 2018)

“I must say, I sure wish I attended this course prior to starting this Corporate MES project. This is excellent material and so related to what I am doing. Once again, thanks for your assistance.”

-Frank Ciano, Production Information Systems Advisor, Xstrata Copper, Australia

“Thank you again for helping to lay an even more solid foundation for our Manufacturing Information systems community. The training personally helped me bring together my past 18 years in this space into a cohesive view and structure I can leverage to improve my skills.”

-Daniel Murphy, ITDO-Enterprise MES Architect, Johnson & Johnson, USA

“Thank you for the knowledge delivered throughout the course. I value the practical examples and experience shared as well as the open discussions that we had during the sessions.”

.- Ivailo Stefanov, Corporate Manager Applications and Architecture, Dundee Precious Metals ('MESA CoC', Wemmel (B) - May 2018)

“Thank you for a fascinating two days. I have plenty to digest and take action on now ☺”

- Dave Johnson, GE Healthcare ('MES/MOM: All You Need to Know!', Coventry (UK) - February 2019)