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2 day Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Strategies Workshop


Target Group

Manufacturing Executives and Decision Makers who want to understand the “WHAT” and learn “HOW” to get their organisation industry 4.0 ready.

2 day Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Strategies Workshop


Let’s talk about practical, deployable smart manufacturing strategies.

In this two day workshop we examine the vision of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 and then consider Smart Strategies to start implementing the vision.

We share ideas and thoughts with industry leaders and together walk away with a plan of action to deliver that most valuable of commodities – a return on investment now and in the future.

Agenda Day 1

  • The essence of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0
    • Germany’s Dual Strategy – how clever are these Germans?
    • The Smart Service Welt – how to get rich!
    • Technology, Science or IT?
  • Workshop 1: Sharing your understanding and initial experiences
  • Current Status
    • Research, Government and Social Influence
    • The Chasm – how big is the Gap between Vision and Reality?
    • Let’s see - examples of deployed smart solutions – successes, failures and pitfalls to avoid
  • Workshop 2: Imagine! Smart solutions in your company, your industry.
  • What should you be doing NOW to become Industry 4.0 ready?
    • Recognize a smart solution?
    • What does a “Fourth” manufacturing plant look like?
    • Deploying Smart Intelligent Agents
    • Deploying Cyber Physical Systems
  • Scenario Planning – preparing your next steps, will you crawl, walk, run or gallop?

Agenda Day 2

  • Workshop 3: Ready, set, go but don’t forget lean, six sigma and manufacturing excellence.
    • Removing the people from our plant – how can it be done?
    • Which functions will intelligent agents will they replace people and how?
  • The Smart Backbone – Manufacturing Execution Systems and Manufacturing Operations Management
    • Why deploy MES/MOM?
    • What is the difference between MES/MOM and ERP?
    • What are the steps needed to deploy a MES/MOM?
    • How can my people be prepared for an MES/MOM deployment?
    • How can MES/MOM support Lean/Six Sigma and Agile Manufacturing?
  • Workshop 4: MES/MOM in my plant(s)
  • Integration between R&D and Smart Manufacturing
  • Workshop 5: Decision Time – these are the steps I will take tomorrow!
  • Summary and Close


Registration Fee: USD 1750 | EUR 1595 | GBP 1450 | SGD 2095


flag 6-7 June 2018

Weert, The Netherlands
Hosted by ATS Applied Tech Systems B.V.

Instructor(s): Jan Snoeij
Registration Fee: EUR 1595
flag 25 - 26 July 2018

Mumbai , India

Instructor(s): Jan Snoeij
Registration Fee: USD 1750
flag 4-5 October 2018

Coventry, United Kingdom
Hosted by Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre (AMTC)
Registration Fee: GBP 1450

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