The course explains how MES/MOM systems assist companies in their continuous improvement and supply chain optimization efforts. First, an overview of Supply Chain concepts explained in context of how MOM systems provide critical information and functionality within the extended supply chain. Second, an overview of Continuous Improvement concepts such as Six Sigma, Kaizen, Kanban, Value stream mapping and others are explained. Third, the Lean Journey/Transformation and DMAIC are then explored as a Continuous Improvement (CI) process applied in real company situations. Finally, the best practice method of applying technology and MES/MOM systems specifically to accelerate considerable benefits from Continuous Improvement initiatives.

Learner will be able to:

  • Explain why manufacturers are changing and how MOM plays a major role in accelerating change through scalable continuous improvement
  • Describe how MOM fits into the supply chain and how this complicates data governance
  • Recognize how Lean and Six Sigma and how they are supported by technology to entrench improvement
  • Identify Business to Manufacturing challenges and how ISA-95 can be used to mitigate those


  • Motivation and Case for Change
  • Current Supply Chain Requirements
  • Continuous Improvement Concepts & Practices
  • DMAIC – How Do You Ensure Control to Maintain Gains?
  • MOM Standards Applied to Continuous Improvement
  • Conclusion

Test and Exercises:
1. In-Course Formative Assessment Test: 10 Questions, Open notes in discussion, Answers recorded in Test Form
2. Out-Course Summative Assessment Test: 10 Questions, Open notes in self study, Answers recorded in Test Form

Course Prerequisites:

Reference Materials:
1. MESA Guidebook: Lean Manufacturing Strategic Initiative Guidebook