Course Length:

CoC Classroom:  3.5 Hours; Post Event: 60 minutes for self-study and out-course assessment test
CoA Online: 3.5 Hours, plus two 15-minute breaks
CEUs:    0.5


The course addresses the critical need of manufacturing practitioners and executives to understand the power of real-time decisions for manufacturing operations metrics before and after linked to financial and business level metrics. Through a series of pre-configure case studies, the power of mapping these real-time operations aspects into ERP, supply chain, R&D (PLM) and more to executive reporting for purposes of optimizing the business process.
All of the tools utilized and material developed for this course are in compliance with Mfg 2.0 architecture the MESA Metrics Framework and Guidebook 2nd Edition that has been developed over the last 8 years.

Learner will be able to:

1. Recognize the increased decision making capabilities of mapping operations metrics to financial and business metrics.
2. Explain the different types of metrics from different business levels and how they influence one another for effective optimization of the business processes
3. Explain how to develop executive versus plant level reporting
4. Discuss metrics models used in Metrics Guidebook and Framework

Learner will cover:

1. Background
a. Driving factors and issues
b. Why do metrics matter
2. Source of Metrics
a. Operational Metrics
i. Purpose
ii. Sources
b. Financial Metrics
i. Purpose
ii. Sources
c. Performance
i. Business
ii. Line
d. The Great Divide and Why
3. Alignment
a. Goals
b. Drivers
c. Financial and operational metric
4. The Storyboard
5. The Model
6. Sample reports Business Simulation
7. Better decisions
8. Conclusions

Assessment Test and Exercises:

1. In-Course Formative Assessment Test: 10 Questions, Open notes in discussion, Answers recorded in Test Form
2. Out-Course Summative Assessment Test: 10 Questions, Open notes in self study, Answers recorded in Test Form

Course Prerequisites: None

Reference Materials:
1. MESA Guidebook: MESA Metrics Guidebook