The key interactions and benefits are explained for the MES/MOM project management and its critical methodologies used to improve the understanding of project scope, resources, skill sets and project tracking capability. The focus is on the need to create a framework for 1) critical thinking, 2) communicating, 3) decision-points-project tracking and 4) charactering project management processes and the roles of a manufacturing practitioner.

Exposure to the MES/MOM project management framework supplies the students (and especially end users) with tools for a better understanding of the MES/MOM project: requests, change management tools, execution, tracking, reporting and completion. This project management introduction is based on the Project Management Institute’s PMBOK guide while focused on the needs of manufacturer’s in the areas of MES and MOM. This hour long session is case study based project plan to quickly allow the student to:


  • A Project
  • Project management
  • Knowledge Areas needed


  • Risks
  • Costs
  • Project Constraints
  • Assumptions


  • An understanding of project linkage of metrics and reporting for project purposes as applied to the MESA Framework and Guidebook.

Learner will be able to:

  • Identify the tools, key interactions, and benefits of the Project Integration Management
  • Describe the Project Integration Framework for an project scope, resources, skill sets, and project tracking capability
  • Recognize tools for clear critical thinking and communications with all stakeholders within an organization


  • Why Project Management
  • Basic Language
  • Project Framework
  • Application and Practice
  • Conclusion

Test and Exercises:
1. In-Course Formative Assessment Test: 7 Questions, Open notes in discussion, Answers recorded in Test Form
2. Out-Course Summative Assessment Test: 7 Questions, Open notes in self study, Answers recorded in Test Form

Course Prerequisites:

Reference Materials:
1. MESA White Paper #20: ISA-95 Based Change Management
2. MESA White Paper #22: Manufacturing Information Systems: ISA-88/95 Based Functional Definition
3. MESA White Paper #23: ISA-95 As-Is / To-Be Study