Times are challenging. Not only the impact of the unexpected Covid-19 pandemic, also the increasing dynamics of the demand and the ‘usual’ operational challenges are playing a role in a manufacturer’s life.
It is not only about what happens within the four walls of our factory, but a perfect order can only be delivered if we collaborate closely with our partners in the end-to-end value chain and with product lifecycle partners. Perfect order delivery asks for visibility and transparency and requires consistent and timely information.
Advanced technologies and concepts will help to become less dependent on our resources and become more agile. They also will enhance our workers’ skills and offer tools for further improvements.

In this introduction course, we also learn from best-in-class that they standardize and digitalize. A holistic approach in line with our strategy is required. MES/MOM applications are tools for manufacturers to improve their performance and to be competitive. Manufacturers have to select the right MES/MOM solutions (from many) based on and matching with their operational processes.

  • Discuss the current market drivers for global and smart manufacturing.
  • Recognize how market drivers are rapidly evolving and how they are requiring real-time intelligence in manufacturing plants and across its supply chains.
  • Identify operational challenges.
  • Recognize the role of systems integration, collaboration and technology with respect to a successful use of MES/MOM solutions.
  • Trends and Observations in Manufacturing
    • Impact Covid-19 Pandemic
    • Operational Challenges
  • What next and what can we learn from others?
  • Conclusions and Wrap-Up

Test and Exercises:
No test.

Course Prerequisites: