To successfully improve your manufacturing operations, you not only need to invest in smart technology and digitalization, it is also essential to invest in your people.
In a recent article for In Tech Magazine, ISA and MESA International stated: “Manufacturing Execution Systems are the foundational enablers of Manufacturings Digital Transformation“.

This MESA MES/MOM Methodologies Certificate of Competency (CoC01) Program addresses both by focusing on developing your knowledge and awareness of MES and MOM solutions. Both of which are essential to move forward to Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing. It is an in-depth, comprehensive set of MES/MOM methodologies courses.

This CoC certificate is best for manufacturing/operations management and leaders, operations excellence / continuous improvement experts, production / process engineers, systems analysts, architects, programmers, project managers and consultants. This specific program is only available in a physical classroom environment.

Program Length

26.5 contact hours

8.8 contact hours for self-study and out-course assessment test

A Competency Test will be administered for each course in the program, requiring an 85% score or higher on each test in order to receive the program’s Certificate of Competency. For each course, there are two parts to the Competency Test:

  • In-course test consisting of up to 10 questions answered as the course progresses
  • Post-course test consisting of up to 10 questions answered within eight weeks after course completion



Weert, The Netherlands

Instructor(s): Gerard Ipskamp
Registration Fee:EUR 3950

Rochester Hills, United States

Instructor(s): Jan Snoeij
Registration Fee:USD 4425


Haarlem, The Netherlands

Instructor(s): Gerard Ipskamp
Registration Fee:EUR 3950


Insavalor - Lyon (F)

Instructor(s): Michel Devos
Registration Fee:EUR 3950