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Integrating Manufacturing (MES/MOM)


Many manufacturing firms have made significant investments in flexible shop-floor execution systems (MES/MOM) and in sophisticated enterprise planning (ERP) systems. Those investments, however, cannot yield their full potential until each has access to the information and capabilities of the other. The MESA B2MML (Business to Manufacturing Markup Language) and ISA-95 (Enterprise – Control System Integration) standards address that coordination problem by providing a sound, robust definition of business activities and the information that must flow between those two realms of Enterprise Planning and Manufacturing Operations Management.

This 1-day course defines an approach to integrating manufacturing systems (MES/MOM) with other applications in the business planning & logistics domain as well as in process control domain and explans applicable standards.

This is a comprehensive program for MES/MOM Consultants, System Analysts, Industrial IT Architects, Programmers, and Project Managers.


  • Introduction
  • Recap of the ISA-95 models
    • Functional Hierachy model
    • Equipment Hierarchy Model
    • Activity Model
    • Object Models and Attributes for MES/MOM Integration
  • Demarcation of MES/MOM with other applications
  • B2MML
  • OPC
  • Other standards for Integration
  • Manufacturing Services Bus
  • Conclusions and Wrap-Up

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of MES/MOM and ISA-95

Duration: 1 day


Registration Fee: USD 990 | EUR 895 | ZAR 8200 | GBP 825 | SGD 1195

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