Webinar – 2nd April 2020

Throughout our global manufacturing community we find ourselves in unprecedented times. It is now thought leaders will realise opportunities to prepare for the future. How will we organise our production supply chains if there is another global event?

In this 30 minute webinar MOMi expert Jan Snoeij will highlight how continued education is key to continuing your digital transformation journey through uncertain times.

  • Importance of Continued Education in the Manufacturing Industry.
    • Why now?
    • Why education is important?
    • Preparation is Key: How to start?
  • Education in Self Isolation – How keeping your mind active can prepare for the future?
  • What education will benefit you today?
    • Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 Strategies
    • MES/MOM: All you need to know!
    • Cyber Security for Manufacturing
  • Q & A – An opportunity to discuss and collaborate on how to move forward.

Webinar Date – 2nd April 2020      |     Duration – 30 mins.

Available in two sessions (with same content).

Morning Session – 09:00 am CET
Evening Session – 05:00 pm CET
Register – Morning Session
Register – Evening Session


MES/MOM: All You Need to Know!

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Cybersecurity for Manufacturing 

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Smart Manufacturing And Industry
4.0 Strategies

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