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MOMi Education Programs

MOMi provides a comprehensive set of independent education programs and workshops to manufacturers, preparing their people to leverage new smart technologies through the power of knowledge. Programs are grouped around:

  • Strategy and Awareness, e.g. Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Strategy, MES/MOM for Executives

  • Standards and Methodologies, e.g. ISA-95, ISA-88, ISA-62443 (ISA-99), ...

  • Metrics and Performance, e.g. Metrics Framework, Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing, ...

  • Maturity and Alignment, e.g. Manufacturing Maturity, Business and IT Alignment, ...

MOMI's education programs are delivered as public sessions as well as in-house. In the last case, the content can be tailored to your specific situation.

MOMi’s education programs and workshops are delivered by independent, professional instructors who have extensive experience in manufacturing and education.

MOMi Education Programs