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MOMi Education Programs

MOMi provides a comprehensive set of independent education programs and workshops to manufacturers, preparing their people to leverage new smart technologies through the power of knowledge. Programs are grouped around:

  • Strategy and Awareness, e.g. Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Strategy, MES/MOM for Executives

  • Standards and Methodologies, e.g. ISA-95, ISA-88, ISA-62443 (ISA-99), ...

  • Metrics and Performance, e.g. Metrics Framework, Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing, ...

  • Maturity and Alignment, e.g. Manufacturing Maturity, Business and IT Alignment, ...

MOMI's education programs are delivered as public sessions as well as in-house. In the last case, the content can be tailored to your specific situation.

MOMi Education Programs